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Mike Smith has never shied away from a challenge. His deep community roots, resilient spirit, and enduring desire to help others make him the best State Representative to represent Milford and Orange in Hartford.

A lifelong Milford resident and a product of Milford Public Schools, Mike Smith was a passionate athlete from a young age. But in July 2008, just a few weeks after being named co-captain of the swim team at Clark University, Mike was diagnosed with cancer – stage II Burkitt’s Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Mike was determined to tackle this new challenge head-on. He received treatment at Yale and missed only one semester of classes before graduating with his bachelors and a Masters of Public Administration.

In the years since he finished his treatment, Mike has combined his athletic endeavors and leadership skills with his passion for helping people. Mike has participated in multiple cancer charity bike ride events, riding hundreds of miles and raising tens of thousands of dollars for the CT Challenge, the Pan Mass Challenge, and Yale’s Closer to Free ride. He’s also taken on leadership roles with the CT Challenge’s Cancer Survivor Advisory Board, the Board of The Tommy Fund, and a non-profit organization called Cancer Dudes. 

Professionally, Mike has spent his career working in public policy to improve the community. With experience working in the State Legislature, the Governor’s office, and with local business groups, he knows how to turn people’s needs into state policy.

Now, Mike has set his sights on his next challenge. As the next State Representative for Milford and Orange, he will bring to bear the same potent combination that got him where he is today: the dedication of an endurance athlete, a first-hand knowledge of state government, and a fervent desire to help his community.


A proud graduate of our public schools and a father to a 1st grader, Mike comes from a family of educators. he understands we must partner with our educators to provide the best opportunity for our children’s future. Our schools must be properly funded and focused on preparing students for the jobs of the future. 


HIs love of the outdoors begin while exploring our parks and beaches with his family. This instilled a love and sense of duty to protect our environment. Mike will ensure our communities have resources to adapt to our changing climate. 


As a cancer survivor, Mike knows the reality of serious illness – and that it can bankrupt too many families. He will work to reduce financial ruin and hardship form the healthcare experience. 


Mike enjoyed the benefits of growing up in a home shared with grandparents. He saw firsthand the challenges seniors can face. Ensuring seniors have options and flexibility to live the life they desire is a priority. 

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